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Semper's True North Program


Semper’s True North program is designed to be a grassroots effort that inspires Semper employees to engage with the veteran community on a personal level. Semper as a firm will maintain its partnership with a handful of veteran charities, but the hope is that each Semper employee will discover and support his/her own veteran charity(ies) that resonates deeply for that person. As such, we encourage all employees to think about the services available to veterans, research different charities and their varying mandates, and then choose the one(s) you find to be the most profound. Based on your research and answers to the below questions, Semper will provide a certain amount of funding to the charity on your behalf. In return, we ask each employee to find ways to actively help the charity move their mission forward. We want to Semper employees to both be leaders within our firm, and in our communities. To do that, we must do more write more than checks – we need to think much bigger than that. That is our challenge to you.